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When people participate in competitions, they dream of finishing in the top spot, but not everyone can finish first. However, depending on the level of competition, finishing second or third can be quite an accomplishment, too. That’s one reason we take pride in offering our 3rd Place Trim — which can be applied to different types of trophies. With its shiny, golden finish, this classy piece of 3rd Place Trim is bright and eye catching, and then some.

Customize Your Trophies

Our third place trim is a perfect accent for third place trophies for at least three reasons: The piece costs less than a beer you might drink to celebrate a great finish, the piece is very easy for us to apply to different trophies (which cuts down on turnaround time), and the piece is available permanently, meaning that you can use it repeatedly to adorn a third place trophy each time you hold a new competition that includes trophies as awards.

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Many competitions award the top three finisher. While finishing third isn’t the highest level of success, it can still be quite an accomplishment when the competition is stiff. To award your third place finishers in style, make sure the trophy includes our 3rd Place Trim. With over 30 years of experience in the trophy supply business, we focus on providing high-quality, attractive award products for low prices -- and this piece is a primary example. Place your order today!

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