Custom Music Awards

A great musical performance deserves celebration, and what better way to commemorate an important moment than with a music trophy? Perfecting a vocal solo or nailing an instrumental piece doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months and even years of putting in time on an instrument to stand and deliver a moving performance, whether on the piano, violin, guitar, percussion, woodwind, brass instrument, or vocals.

Celebrate those efforts with a custom award from Trophy Outlet. We have options available that can help you reward a great performance and a lot of hard work.

Show Your Appreciation for the Arts

Celebrating achievements in the arts is as important as honoring people who excel in sports and academics. If you have performers you want to congratulate, don’t settle for a generic prize. Customize your music trophy with engraving, creating a piece that will show your true appreciation. Whether you use a medal or a trophy, your item will be made from high-quality materials that look great, no matter how the performer displays them.

Creating Dazzling Awards

With our more than 30 years of industry experience, you can rely on us to create a high-quality, custom award unlike any other. Our priorities go beyond creating personalized medals, plaques, trophies, and related items. We also focus on giving every customer a great experience. No matter what type of competition, show, or event you need an award for, we can help you find the perfect trophy.

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Celebrate the arts your own way with the help of one of our vibrant awards that will make any recipient feel truly special. We can help you find the perfect music trophy and get it delivered quickly with our speedy shipping!

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