Martial Arts Medals

Being adept at martial arts takes serious commitment. It’s a commitment that should be recognized with a great looking award. Whether you’re handing out martial arts medals following a tournament, or you simply want to honor the participants in your class, you need an award that has a martial arts focus.

Trophy Outlet has a great selection of martial arts awards that are perfect for any discipline of martial arts. These unique pieces can celebrate every participant and give them something they’ll be proud to wear — or display in a case — for years to come.

Great Awards at a Great Price

You can rely on Trophy Outlet to provide the best quality martial arts medals and other awards. Our experience covers 30 years of producing affordable, one-of-a-kind awards for almost every type of sport and event. We specialize at combining quality materials with a personal touch, so you receive awards that recipients will be amazed by.

Unique Prizes People Love

Our inventory includes many items that can be customized with different ribbons and free engraving to create awards that people find truly exciting. Let everyone in your dojo or tournament feel appreciated with one of our pieces. Give us a call today at 866-282-0847. Our product specialists will help you choose an award that embodies the sentiment you’re looking for.