Martial Arts (Karate)

Hard work deserves recognition. Karate students push themselves to achieve incredible athletic feats, and those who win or even just participate in competitions should have something to show for it. Trophies and medals are time-honored traditions, and they are often the driving force that gives students focus and motivation. Here at Trophy Outlet, we make sure that quality karate medals and trophies fit comfortably into your martial arts organization’s budget.

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We offer a wide variety of karate awards, including medals and trophies. Choose from our high-quality 3-D medals or dog tags, or customize a gold, silver, or bronze medal with the ribbon color of your choice. We have the traditional red, white, and blue, as well as virtually any other color you can imagine. We also have male and female trophies that are perfect for giving a little something extra special to students who perform exceptionally. As an added bonus, all of our karate medals and trophies include free engraving so you can hallmark the event in any way you see fit.

Be Part of an Enduring Tradition

A dedicated athlete’s trophy, ribbon, and medal collection is always growing. In the world of martial arts, this is especially true as awards often signify personal achievements as well as competition victories. Receiving an award is an honor in and of itself, but an award also provides a lifetime of pride. A martial arts award adds legitimacy to an athletic organization, and it solidifies confidence in the pupils who receive them. Giving and receiving awards is a tradition that is always appreciated by teachers and students of all ages.

Pay Less and Get More

We understand that awarding every student isn’t typically feasible financially, but now it can be. Don’t be fooled by our low prices – our quality is unrivaled in the industry. Over the past 30+ years of making trophies we have learned some valuable trade secrets that allow us to keep manufacturing costs down without compromising the quality that our customers expect, and we happily pass on those savings directly to you. Here at Trophy Outlet, we are proud of the products that we offer, and we stand behind our karate medals 100%.

Enjoy Unparalleled Customer Support

We realize that ordering custom awards can be a difficult process. That is why we go to great lengths to streamline it with our highly accessible website. Simply choose the martial arts award that you prefer, select the options you require, and let us know the message you would like engraved. If you have any questions, our expert staff is more than happy to assist you at any point. If you have a rush deadline, don’t stress about it. We boast the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We are also capable of handling large wholesale orders, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any special requests.

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We encourage you to contact us by phone at 866-282-0847, or feel free to send us a message anytime through our contact form and we will be sure to respond promptly. Receiving an award is a momentous occasion that doesn’t happen every day. Give your students that lasting feeling of pride and accomplishment that only awards provide. Purchase high-quality, customized karate medals and trophies for the lowest prices at Trophy Outlet.