Engraved Plaques

High School Awards | Why Plaques are Best for Student-Athletes

Today’s high school students have a crammed schedule with academic and social commitments. Throw in sports, and students can feel maxed out. That is why it is so important to recognize every overachieving with a great award. Trophies are the standard for high school awards, but there’s another great option when it comes to giving them a piece to cherish: plaques. Here are a few reasons why we think custom sports plaques are perfect for student-athletes.

Awards with a “Wow” Factor

Many awards are straightforward and generic. Trophies and medals often have a standard look that comes across as bland once someone collects a few. So, custom sports plaques are the perfect answer when you want awards that have that extra “wow” factor! There is plenty of variety when it comes to plaques like full color options featuring bold colors and designs. These stunning pieces are eye-catching and something that winners will be really excited to earn, no matter the accomplishment.

Personalizing is Very Simple

Another great reason custom plaques are the perfect answer for student-athletes is they are so easy to customize! While trophies and medals may include some options, engraved plaques take personalization to the next level. Imagine the look on your student athlete’s face when they hold a plaque with their name boldly displayed along with a personal message congratulating their victory. With the right engraving, your award becomes a truly one-of-a-kind treasured keepsake.

Easy to Display and Show Off

The best awards are ones people are eager to show off. Plaques are one of the top options for high school athletes because they are so easy to display! While unique in design, our custom sports plaques are simple to exhibit since they can easily be placed on a desk or mantle – or even be hung on a wall. With a plaque, students don’t have to invest in expensive cases or other accessories to prominently display their award. And since athletes will have their award out in the open, they are easy to show off and can help the recipient relive their triumph whenever they look at it.

Affordable Options with Every Order

Having priceless awards for high school athletes can feel like a challenge when you are running a program on a tight budget. But that’s not a concern when you work with Trophy Outlet. We offer great plaque bundles at amazingly affordable prices, so you can get all of your needs covered easily. Make sure every athlete gets the recognition they deserve and make their victory a true celebration with stunning custom sports plaques from Trophy Outlet! Reach out to our team today to design your awards and place your order.