Tennis Medals

Tennis medals are a great way to celebrate and commemorate a tennis tournament, a tennis fundraiser, or any other tennis event. Trophy Outlet offers a great selection of tennis medals for you to choose from. Our high quality, highly affordable options ensure you’ll find the perfect tennis medal for your next event.

Multiple Options

No two tennis events are the same, so we offer a wide selection of options for you. With options available from 2” to 3” and with different face options, you’re sure to find the right fit for your event. Some medals feature crossed rackets and a tennis ball while others feature a single racket, a net, and a tennis ball. Each features different accents; some are simple and understated while others feature stars and wings. Our wide selection ensures your tennis medal choice will fit your event.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze—Engraving Included

Each of our medals comes in gold, silver, and bronze. You can buy as many of each color as you like—you can even leave out a color. The freedom to buy only the colors and numbers of medals you need means you can meet the award needs of your event without having to buy unnecessary medals that might go unused.

Including an engraving is a great way to memorialize your event with a customized award. You can include the event name, the date, the location, or the reason for your tennis meet. Set your event and award apart with customized engraving. As always with Trophy Outlet, there is no additional cost for engraving.

Ribbon Options

Every tennis medal you order from Trophy Outlet includes a red, white, and blue ribbon. The classic colors of the American flag are a great accent to tennis medals. However, we also include a wide range of solid colors for you to choose from. For a minimal cost you can choose from over 10 additional colors. Using a solid color is great way to coordinate with the even theme. It’s also a great way to pay homage to a recurring event or show pride in school colors.

Bulk Discount

When you order in bulk it helps us keep our costs down, so we pass those savings on to you. When you buy more than 25 medals we offer you discounts. Those discounts get better the more you buy. Please see each medal for specific discount pricing. This is a great way to minimize costs for your tournament or tennis event. Some of our bulk discounts can be more than 35% off the regular price.

Choose Quality, Choose Trophy Outlet

Don’t just throw an event—mark it. Tennis medals from Trophy Outlet are a high quality, affordable way to memorialize your net tennis tournament or event. With a wide range of designs, ribbon options, and customizable engraving you’re sure to find the perfect tennis medal to commemorate your event. Contact Trophy Outlet today to learn more about tennis medal engraving, bulk discounts, turnaround times, and much more.