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Custom Gift Ideas for the Holidays


All competition winners deserve recognition for their efforts. When it comes to awards, there is no shortage of options. But don’t settle for something cheap and generic for your next competition! With our custom craft awards, you can have one-of-a-kind pieces that are truly eye-catching and will be proudly displayed regardless of the achievement. Not sure which style is best for your needs? Here are a few things about our options to consider that will help narrow things down:

Trophies: The Go-to Award for All Occasions

The first image people usually have when they think of awards is a trophy. It’s the go-to prize for everything from sports tournaments to talent competitions to corporate achievements. But that doesn’t mean you should hand out standard trophies. Our inventory of custom craft awards includes high-quality choices from a straightforward trophy cup to a more elaborate multi-column piece. These stylish items are great for sports, academics, auto shows, fundraising events, and more. We even have trophy bundles at great prices so you always have plenty on hand!

Plaques: Awards that are Easy to Show Off

When people receive a really great looking award, they want to show it off. Our custom plaques are a great symbol of victory and easy to display in a home, office, or anywhere else. Every plaque in our selection features bold graphics and vivid colors that can be customized to match the style of your competition. Not only are they eye-catching pieces, but with our engraving options, you can easily personalize any plaque for a piece that will be truly cherished.

Medals: Prizes that People Can Wear

Not all custom craft awards are designed for display on a wall or in a case. For prizes that players can proudly wear, nothing is better than a durable medal. Receiving a medal is a timeless tradition that brings a special honor to recipients from the Olympics to local competitions. We have great options for the top places in your tournament or game – but our inventory isn’t limited to sports medals. The applications are endless and will help winners “feel the weight” of their achievement with something they can wear any place they go.

Acrylic: Artistic Awards for Standout Achievements

If you want something that really makes a statement when it comes to custom craft awards we have a great solution: acrylic awards. These pieces perfectly blend of artistic expression and sophistication to leave an impression! They come in a variety of refined styles and are perfect for commemorating the success of top employees at a company or highlighting a season-long effort of a local sports team – and they look great in a display case for years.

Let Our Experts Find Your Perfect Solution

For more than 30 years, Trophy Outlet has created the most stunning awards available. Our experience covers every type of event, cause, and competition. Thanks to precision craftsmanship and top quality materials, each award we create stands out. If you need a custom prize, we can help. Contact our team today and turn your next award ceremony into a true celebration!

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