Cooking Competition Trophy

If you’re hosting a cook-off or cooking festival, you might need a cooking competition trophy. Great trophies can help you stand out among all the other cooking competitions and give your competitors something to work toward. A good trophy encompasses the type of cooking competition you’re holding with high-quality details and custom engraving to highlight your event!

We have the awards you’re looking for to make your cook-off, wing fest or chili competition stand out!

Award Styles to Match Your Competition

From BBQ to chili cook-offs, wing nights and more, we have the awards that will match your competition. If you’re holding a chili fest, a generic trophy just won’t do the job. Your cooking competition trophy should match your competition, and your award should highlight exactly what your winners achieved. No matter where the winner chooses to display their trophy, it will make an excellent addition to their collection.

Unique Custom Options

All of our awards are made out of the highest quality materials. We know that you won’t skimp on your ingredients, so we don’t skimp on any of the “ingredients” in our awards. By using a combination of resin and other materials, we ensure you get the best trophy possible. Our awards come in many different styles, including traditional trophies and even three-tier trophies for the big winners. All of our awards are customizable with high-quality engraving so your cooking competition trophy can truly be your own.

Trophies to Suit Every Budget

Our trophies are high-quality, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be paying high prices. We make sure our trophies are affordable so you can find something in your budget. If you’re looking for a huge trophy for that big winner or several smaller trophies for the runners-up, you’ll find something that will suit your price range.

Most of our awards are available with bulk discounts so you can save money if you’re buying more than one cooking competition trophy.

Easy Shopping Experience

Customer service is a priority! For that reason, we do our best to help you find the best trophy for your competition. When you’re looking for custom options, we can walk you through the process and may even be able to help you build a trophy that’s unique to your competition.

With some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, we can help you get your rewards on time. Contact us for questions about your cooking competition trophy.