Car Show Plaques

Customized Car Show Plaques

Everyone loves a classic car show. For the owners of classic cars, it’s a chance to show off and display the automobiles they put so much time and care into. For the spectators, it’s a fun and thrilling way to learn about classic cars and view models they’ve never seen before up close. There’s nothing like seeing a bright red Ford Thunderbird for the first time, or marveling at the craft and detail that went into making a vintage Jaguar convertible.

High-Quality Classic Car Awards

Classic car owners have a lot of pride and devotion to their automobiles, and it’s important for those running a car show to show the same appreciation in return. Trophy Outlet offers a variety of customized car show plaques for all your car show needs. These well-made plaques are designed for all types of car shows and can be modified depending on the event or competition.

Many classic car shows happen on or around Independence Day, as a way to celebrate the ingenuity and innovation of the American automobile. Our American Car Show Plaque is perfect for a Fourth of July event or for showcasing classic cars made in the good ol’ USA. Another great choice is the Freedom Car Show Plaque, which will definitely stand out among the crowd—just like the classic cars themselves.

Wide Variety, Custom Selection

Each customized car show plaque comes in multiple sizes, from 4 x 6 up to 10 x 30. Choose from three types of plaque finishes: Solid Black, Black Marble or Cherry Finish. Background and text colors include White, Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Yellow, Silver, Orange, Purple, Pink and Dark Gray. All of the customized car show plaques Trophy Outlet sells are engravable at no extra cost, and you can add three lines to each plaque.

Popular plaques include both versions of our Car & Truck Show Plaques. Featuring classic pickups and Hot Rods, these two plaques are a versatile option for your next car show. Classic car owners love to boast about their most prized possessions, so select a customized car show plaque that is just as flashy, like our Car Show Drag Race Plaque or the Muscle Car Show Plaque. These bright and bold designs are perfect to hand out to first place finishers or for the Best In Show category.

Save with Trophy Outlet

Trophy Outlet knows that you’ll definitely need multiple plaques for each car show, which is why we offer a discount for larger orders. Get 15% off when you buy 25-50 plaques, and save a whopping 40% when you purchase 100 or more plaques.

With so many colors, styles, finishes and engraving options to choose from, you won’t have trouble ordering the right customized car show plaque that’s exactly what you were looking for. Shop Trophy Outlet for a wide selection of car show plaques, trophies, medals and more!