Car Show Plaque

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Custom Car Show Plaque

Car shows are about more than putting vehicles on display. The sleek lines and bold colors of the automobiles transport attendees back in time, giving them glimpse of automotive history. If you’re in charge of handing out awards during the event, you’ll want something that’s as exciting as the cars themselves.

This is where Trophy Outlet can help. Our customizable car show plaque is a great way to celebrate the automotive achievements of the past. It has vivid colors that catch people’s attention and free engraving that can be used perfectly commemorate any event.

Craftsmanship and Care

Thanks to our more than 30 years of experience, Trophy Outlet makes it easy to find stunning car show awards. This car show plaque is just one example of the craftsmanship and care we put into every design. Awards from Trophy Outlet are created to be impressive, yet surprisingly affordable. Made with high-quality materials, our awards can be cherished for years to come.

Capture Your Event’s Excitement

Many details can be involved in pulling off a successful car show. Don’t let finding the perfect award be a detail that causes stress. We can help you design a custom car show plaque with different colors and other customization options to perfectly match your event.

Whether your event is an established tradition or something new, our awards are sure to be an exciting highlight of the occasion. Call us today at 866-282-0847 to learn more about how you can capture the excitement of your event with an award recipients will be proud to display.

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