University Trophies

20th Feb 2019

The big stage of university sports deserves the right award.

Choosing the Best University Trophies

Champions at every level deserve recognition for their efforts. This is especially true for students at the university level. Balancing training regimens along with academic studies is a challenge not every student can handle. So, when you have students who truly excel, you need awards that celebrate them. University trophies come in a lot of options; finding the right ones for your needs isn’t always clear cut. If you need help picking the right trophies that excite participants and spectators alike, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Cherished Trophies Require Quality Materials

One of the most important qualities for remarkable trophies is the materials they are made from. Budget constraints often leave you looking for inexpensive pieces, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for something cheap or generic. University trophies are often prized possessions cherished for years to come no matter what they are earned for. Whether the trophy is the focal point of a display case or rested on a shelf with honor, you want to make sure the trophies you hand out stand the test of time. And that includes all of the trophy’s pieces, including the base.

Look at Designs and Personalization for a Unique Prize

Just about every kind of competition hands out trophies of some kind. If you want pieces that will become mementos and allow people to relieve their accomplishments, finding unique styles is important. Rather than go for a simple cup or column design, look for something that stands out. Different trim figures are one way to go. And resins with more artistic styles or acrylic options can provide something outside of the ordinary.

Offering unique items is another way to make sure the university trophies you give out are special. With different customization options you can personalize trophies into something truly not available anywhere else. These can include varying color choices to match university colors or tournament themes. Engraving is another option to consider. By adding personal touches to awards, you not only create a prize that is unique, you help the recipient relieve the thrill of their accomplishment for years to come.

Go with an Experienced Manufacturer

When it comes to deciding where to get your university trophies, choose a company with the experience to offer impressive results without the hassle. At Trophy Outlet, we have been designing one-of-a-kind trophies and other awards for more than 30 years. Our experience covers stunning awards for every kind of university sport, academic, and artistic competition. If you want a trophy that your students will treasure for years, then we have the answer in our wide selection of options. Browse our inventory and get in touch with our team today for the perfect solution for your needs.