How Custom Promo Items Can Benefit Your Business

17th Jan 2019

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Finding new ways to attract customer attention is a challenge for every business owner. While technology has pushed some marketing strategies out the window, promotional items offer a reliable solution that is just as crucial as ever. Whether you are including custom promo items in a loyalty program or simply as part of a giveaway, they effectively promote your business without costing a fortune. If you haven’t been implementing promotional items into your marketing strategy, here are a few reasons we think you should.

Grab Customers’ Attention

Markets are flooded with products as customer attention spans are shrinking. You need to offer something that competitors can’t to get noticed. Traditional business cards have been a staple, but a slip of paper can only explain so much about your company. With a custom promo item you can introduce your company with a tangible product that consumers can actually use. When you put your company’s brand on something like a custom tumbler, it will subtly remind customers of your company every time it gets used.

Create Better Brand Awareness

The biggest companies don’t have to go overboard to market their products and services thanks to brand awareness. A well-executed marketing strategy using custom promo items can push your brand far better than any marketing team with only minimal effort. One great example is by putting your logo and corporate message on a custom ink pen. Items like these effectively promote your brand as your message is shared with friends and coworkers of customers.

Instill Loyalty in Customers

Getting customers onboard with your company is one challenge. Keeping them is something else entirely. Using custom promo items as part of a loyalty program is a simple way to make sure people keep doing business with you. You can offer personalized products and exclusive merchandise at certain benchmarks – whether by date or money spent – that will give people a genuine reason to stay invested in your company while also providing a unique “thank you” that competitors can’t offer.

Cut Back on Overhead Costs

Marketing is typically a big part of a business’s overhead. To get customers interested in your company and to keep them interested, you need items that provide the most value at the smallest cost. Many custom promo items are surprisingly affordable and can make a far more lasting impression than a business card that gets thrown away or a commercial that is forgotten.

Trophy Outlet has a great selection of promotional items that work for any business. They are more cost effective than other marketing strategies and are a simple way to add an extra level of “stickiness” to your brand.