Four Easy Ways to Keep Custom Award Trophies Looking Great

28th Feb 2018

There’s no greater feeling than receiving a well-deserved award. Whether the prize comes from winning a sport competition or being recognized by an employer for performance, receiving a custom award trophy is a tangible reminder of your achievement that you’ll want to display.

But to keep your awards looking great, you’ll need to consider how you display and maintain them. After working hard to receive award trophies, you naturally want to treasure them. With the tips below, you can keep your awards looking great and continue displaying them proudly.

1. Keep Them Out of Direct Sunlight

Whether you show off awards in a display case or on a shelf, take note of windows in the room. Avoid placing custom award trophies in a spot that gets direct sunlight. Accents and toppers are plated with a gold/silver chrome to allow them to shine. This material can “bubble up” and eventually flake away if exposed to too much sun. You’ll also want to protect the wood base of your trophy. Direct sunlight causes wood to fade, and even crack if it becomes dried out.

2. Don’t Store Them in Moist Environments

Direct sunlight isn’t the only condition to consider when displaying award trophies. When choosing a room to display a trophy, make sure the space doesn’t contain a high volume of moisture. Avoid high-moisture areas such as spa rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and even “wet basements”, where water leaks in during storms. Moisture buildup can cause metal parts of custom award trophies to rust and make wooden pieces start to warp.

3. Dust Them Regularly With Canned Air

Unless your trophy is in an airtight case, it’s going to collect dust. When dusting, you might instinctually grab a rag. But wiping down trophies with a dust cloth isn’t the ideal solution. Instead, grab some canned air. This is a popular way to remove dust from keyboards, but it’s also a great solution for custom award trophies. Canned air removes dust from crevices and indentations on your awards that cloths can’t reach, allowing for a more thorough cleaning.

4. Choose a Proper Chemical Solvent

Chemical solvents may seem like good options for removing grimy accumulations, but choosing the wrong cleaner can tarnish the finish on your award trophies. The last thing you want is to give your prize a lackluster look that results from degraded materials. Before choosing a chemical solvent, check its compatibility for cleaning materials from which you need to remove dirt.


Earning custom award trophies can require lots of hard work. But keeping the awards looking great also requires a bit of effort. By being careful of the environment trophies are placed in, as well as how you keep them clean, they’ll remain pieces that you can showcase proudly for years to come.