Engraved Acrylic Plaques: Four Reasons They Make Great Corporate Awards

28th Feb 2018

Custom Engraved Acrylic Plaques

When you want to honor your company’s top achievers, make sure you get an award that speaks to them personally. Engraved acrylic plaques are a popular option. If you’re not quite sure whether acrylic plaques are right for your corporate award needs, here are four reasons you should give them consideration before handing out other awards to your employees.

1. Offer Plenty of Room for Custom Engraving

When it comes to awards, the last thing you want to do is dispense something that looks generic. Unlike products that simply focus on the general design of the award, engraved acrylic plaques offer plenty of room to add your company’s logo, plus the recipient’s name, and even the specific achievement they are honored for. The engraving on custom acrylic plaques can convey a personal sentiment that gives the award a deeper sense of meaning.

2. Can be Hung on Wall of Recipient’s Office

Because engraved acrylic plaques are more personal than non-engraved awards, there’s a greater chance employees will display them proudly. Acrylic is lightweight, so it’s easy to hang on walls without worrying about it falling and breaking. Personalized acrylic awards can become a focal point in the recipient’s office. Award recipients will have a personal sense of pride about their achievement and want to display their plaques to co-workers and clients alike.

3. Durable Awards That Age Exceptionally Well

Using acrylic is beneficial because the material is lightweight, and also because it’s durable. Glass awards can break, metal awards may tarnish, and wooden awards can fade over time. But engraved acrylic plaques can continue to look new long after they are handed out. Maintaining custom acrylic plaques is easy; you can clean with light dusting. Employees continue to proudly display their award after other awards have declined with age.

4. Affordable Price That Lets Your Order Multiples

Our engraved acrylic plaques don’t look cheap, but they’re highly economical. Acrylic is more cost-effective than metal and other traditional award materials. Because you won’t pay as much for each individual award, ordering multiples becomes much more affordable. Thanks to the material’s price, you’ll get stunning awards that can be handed out over several years, while having the option to give custom awards without worrying about exceeding your budget.


Honoring stellar employees is important, which makes it important to give awards that create a striking impression. With a custom acrylic plaque, you’ll not only give workers something that looks great, but something that personally honors them that they can cherish.

Give a corporate award that employees appreciate and are proud to display with one of the inexpensive, high-quality options from Trophy Outlet. We can help you design a unique award that will make an impression, without costing a small fortune.