Earn Soccer Medals, Trophies, and More This Summer

17th Jul 2017

The sun is shining, school’s out, the fields are full, and baseballs threaten neighborhood windows everywhere. It must be summer-a time to unplug the Playstation and your join your friends on the court, field, pool, or diamond, have fun in the sun and, more importantly, compete to see who will get to add that gleaming summer sports trophy to their growing collection.


Fast becoming America’s new pastime, soccer is the ideal summer sport for kids of all ages. With just a soccer ball and a couple goals, or markers of any kind if you’re short on goals, you can turn any grassy field into a soccer pitch—a main reason why it’s such a global sport. Compete for soccer medals and soccer trophies to determine who will reign as the soccer kings of summer.


If you’re lacking the number of teammates to organize a soccer game, a tennis match requires only a couple rackets, a net, a singular opponent-preferably a rival-to compete with. Tennis a a much more mano-e-mano sport than soccer, unless you’re playing doubles of course. Battle for a tennis trophy, settle old scores, and leave it all on the clay.


Sometimes the best opponent is one’s self. While you may be competing with others in the pool, swimming is a test of endurance-it’s just you and water. While indoor pools with neatly laid out lanes works best for regulation races, remember that it’s summer and a good sized lake on a nice sunny day isn’t a bad substitute.


The beauty of American football is it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. From tackle to tag, five-on-five to two-on-two, as long as you have a pigskin, you’re in business.


Few things are more evocative of summer than the crack of a baseball bat making contact with the ball. Baseball is a sport that, when played competitively, requires a decent amount of participants and equipment. However, when it comes to team sports, none can match the camaraderie and cohesion of a baseball team.

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