Corporate Awards: Four Reasons Recipients Treasure Them

Corporate Awards: Four Reasons Recipients Treasure Them

6th Feb 2018

Personalized Corporate Awards

Now more than ever, employees seek more from their job than just a paycheck. Consequently, executives need meaningful, non-monetary ways to show their appreciation for staff members. Unique corporate awards are an effective way for company management to acknowledge the hard work of employees.

Personalized corporate awards can be a significant memento to those who receive them. If you don’t use corporate awards to honor performance, here are four reasons to consider using them:

1. A Feeling of Self-Actualization

Having a motivated workforce is always a plus. But this can be a challenge, as technology and personal obligations pull employees away from the office. Typically, if a person is in a job they aren’t excited about, it’s because they feel they are not reaching their full potential.

As proposed by psychologist Abraham Maslow, the feeling of “self-actualization” that comes with reaching one’s full potential is one of the most decisive factors in a person’s life. By offering corporate awards, you can give employees the sense of accomplishment they crave.

2. Clearly Identify Achievement

Receiving recognition can give people a sense of pride and provide motivation. While it’s great to be acknowledged with a bonus or a corporate gift, these types of acknowledgement don’t hold the same weight as an award. This is because they are generic in the sense that they are generally given to more than one employee.

On the other hand, corporate awards, such as a plaque or trophy, are given for specific achievements. Employees who receive them can gain satisfaction from knowing what exactly they are being honored for.

3. Can Feature Custom Engraving

Some corporate employees would rather have a distinctive award than a more common form of recognition — even a pay bonus. This is because corporate awards feel more personal, especially they have personalized engraving.

By adding a custom engraving to your awards, you can highlight specific achievements, or add a special message of encouragement. You can also include the recipient’s name in the engraving, which promotes a sense of personal pride that doesn’t always come with other types of awards.

4. A Tangible Reminder of Success

Corporate awards are also valuable because they are tangible. Employees can look at an award for years as a reminder of their achievement. They can also proudly show off the award to friends, family, and even clients. This gives the award a long-lasting value that employees don’t receive from intangible awards, such as bonuses or corporate travel trips.


Recognizing the accomplishments of employees is valuable, but it doesn’t have to be costly and complicated. There are various ways to create unique corporate awards that fit the needs of your company, its culture, and its workforce.

Whether you need individual plaques, trophies, or corporate gifts for employees, Trophy Outlet offers something that embodies the spirit of your company and its mission. Our corporate awards are highly durable and have a striking appearance, so those who receive them can continue to treasure them after other types of awards are long gone.