Baseball Trophies: The Story of the MLB Championship Trophy

19th May 2018

Unique Baseball Trophies

Every sports fan knows about the World Series — the competition to determine the top team in Major League Baseball (MLB). But not everyone knows the history of the unique baseball trophy that is given to the winning team. There are many interesting facts about the trophy, which we look at below.

History of the Trophy

Major League Baseball existed for years without an official championship trophy. Instead, it was left up to team owners to decide what baseball awards to hand out. With other major sports growing in popularity and championships gaining recognition by being televised, it was decided that an official trophy was needed.

Balfour Jewelers designed the first trophy in 1967 for the St. Louis Cardinals. It wasn’t until 1985 that this unique baseball trophy was given a proper name: the Commissioner’s Trophy. Only once has the trophy not been awarded — in 1994, when the post-season was cancelled due to a players strike. In the new millenium, Tiffany & Co took over designing the trophy, presenting the current version for the first time at the conclusion of the 2000 World Series.

Construction and Design

At 24 inches tall and 30 pounds, the Commissioner’s Trophy is only bested in size by the NHL’s Stanley Cup. Its defining feature is 30 gold-plated flags that rise above the sterling silver baseball which makes up the base. Each flag on this unique baseball trophy is a symbol for one team in the Major League. The base also has a copy of the MLB commissioner’s signature.

Like championship trophies for the NFL and NBA, the Commissioner’s Trophy is a unique piece that is created new every year, with the winning team’s name inscribed. This gives the team the chance to display the hardware and relive the victory for years to come.

Legacy of the Winners

Following the post-season playoffs, the top team from the American League and National League in the MLB face off in the World Series. This best-of-seven series is usually played in October, earning it the nickname of the “Fall Classic”.

Since the trophy was introduced, it has been won by the New York Yankees a total of seven times, historically making them the top team in the MLB. In second place are the Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals, which have won the trophy four times each.

Need a Baseball Trophy?

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