Award Ideas to Recognize Top Performing Employees

17th Jan 2019

employees high-fiving in a circle

Handing out employee excellence awards has a lot of benefits that leading corporations are starting to notice. On top of acting as a “thank you” to VIPs, awards can engage the rest of your staff and give them a goal to shoot for, while improving corporate loyalty and creating a positive work environment.

Rewards don’t have to be limited to bonuses and vacations. Sometimes a simple award is just as effective. If you need employee awards ideas to implement into your business, here are a few things we suggest to keep in mind when deciding on the best approach:

Hand Out Awards that Can Be Displayed

The best way to recognize top employees is to give them something tangible they can display. This can be as simple as an  artistic looking trophy or a plaque that features dazzling graphics and finishes. The right award can become a cherished memento that helps employees relive their accomplishment for years to come, while also being a cool looking incentive for other employees that will want to earn one the following year.

Customize Awards for an Added Bonus

Here’s another employee awards idea. Elevate employee awards through customization. Even a standard looking trophy or plaque will have more meaning if engraved with the employee’s name and a personal message. Customization options we offer include different color and trim options so you can have a unique prize. Offering an award unlike anything else gives employees a singular distinction they will be proud to display and show off to friends and family and business clients.

Perpetual Plaques Provide Lasting Recognition

Giving out awards to your top people isn’t just great for your employees, it’s great for your business too. When employees display their award in their office or mention it on their CV, it shows you value their effort and reflects on the quality of work maintained at your company.

Boost that image further with a  sophisticated perpetual plaque. By carrying through with these employee awards ideas, you will display the pride you have for your employees for years to come, giving those worthy workers lasting public recognition.

Celebrate Accomplishments with an Awards Ceremony

Handing out employee excellence awards is a matter for celebration. Affirming the accomplishment of top performers will inspire them to continue working at their highest level and inspire their peers as well.

For the perfect ceremony, you need the perfect award. Trophy Outlet offers great  corporate options in a variety of styles that are sure to leave an impression. We offer everything, including trophies, plaques, corporate gifts, and more items that can honor the service of an employee or highlight members of a team that have contributed in a big way to an important company project. With customization options, including free engraving, our employee awards ideas are one-of-a-kind ways for you to show employees just how much they mean to your company!