Underwater Swimming Medal

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Underwater Swimming Medal

Size: 2.75" Medal

Engraving: 1.4" Circle 



Introducing the Underwater Swimming Medal - a stunning award that captures the thrilling experience of swimming from an underwater perspective. This medal is designed for swimmers who love the feeling of gliding through the water and want to commemorate their achievements in style.


Featuring a vibrant, full-color image of swimmers mid-race from an underwater position, this medal is a true work of art. The detail is remarkable, from the way the water ripples around the swimmers to the determined expression on their faces. This medal is a testament to the skill, strength, and dedication required to excel in underwater swimming.


The Underwater Swimming Medal comes in three finishes: gold, silver, and bronze, so you can choose the level of recognition that best reflects your achievement. And to make this medal even more special, we offer free engraving so you can personalize it with your name, the date, or a special message.


But that's not all - you also get to choose a colorful neck ribbon that perfectly complements the medal. Whether you want a classic navy blue, a bright yellow, or a bold red, we have a ribbon that will make your medal stand out.


So if you're looking for an award that truly captures the excitement of underwater swimming, look no further than the Underwater Swimming Medal. It's a medal you'll be proud to display and cherish for years to come.


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