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When you are in need of the perfect traveling trophy for your special event, look no further than Trophy Outlet. This 19.5 inch perpetual cup is a crowd pleaser. With the choice of base and plate color you can customize it to your liking. Complete with the main header plate and 18 individual plates (6 on each side), gives you plenty of room to add the names of each winner or the names of the players on the team. The header plate and first perpetual plate are included in the price of the cup, if you need more plates engraved at the time of purchase, no problem. Let us know or send us an email with those details. There is no additional charge for this, as long as they are all done at the same time. 

Use this trophy year after year with its elegant, but beautiful design. The base is made of wood so it will stand the test of time, the header plate is laser engraved aluminum, this gives a clean crisp look to your logo or team name. Each perpetual plate is made of a flexible plastic made to look just like brass. This gives you a sharp looking laser engraved plate and more customization options. By using a flexible plastic for the perpetual plates it is faster and cheaper to get the next plate engraved. When you are ready simply call us, email us or send us a carrier pigeon (if those are still a thing). No need to send the old plate back, we will just make you a new one.  

Are you in need of a more custom plate design? Contact us we can build this perpetual cup to your exact needs. 

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