Football Plaques

Football Plaques

Trophy Outlet has a great selection of football plaques in a variety of styles, colors and designs. These football plaques can be used for many purposes. If you’re organizing a PeeWee or youth football conference, you’ll need a cool-looking football plaque to hand out to the top teams or as a consolation prize.

High-Quality, Custom Plaques

With so many high school games taking place throughout the football season, it’s necessary to have multiple plaques for different tournaments. Intramural and league championships also require a plaque to commemorate or celebrate the event. Don’t forget about flag football—our versatile plaques can also be used for other types of football-themed events.

  • All football plaques come in a wide array of size options, ranging from 4 x 6 to 10 x 13
  • Each customized football plaque is available in three finishes: Solid Black, Solid Marble and Solid Cherry
  • Choose from multiple background and text colors: White, Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Yellow, Silver, Orange, Purple, Pink and Dark Gray

Trophy Outlet offers football plaques in three different styles:

  • The Football Big Catch Plaque features a leaping player making a big catch — perfect for a Most Valuable Player award or to highlight the player with the most tackles, runs or touchdowns during a game.
  • The Football Runner Plaque is a real show-stopper. This bold, bright design depicts players immersed in the excitement of the game using blues, reds and greens in cool tones. This best-selling football plaque showcases a team’s love of the pigskin and looks great hanging on the wall post-win.
  • We also offer a flame-inspired Football Plaque with a simple yet eye-catching design. Illustrate the heat of the competition with this plaque, which can be customized in multiple ways.

Top-Notch Customer Service

As a business dedicated to customer service, Trophy Outlet guarantees a fast and speedy turnaround and delivery process. We offer a discount on bulk football plaque orders: Buy 6-25 football plaques, get 5% off; Buy 26-50 plaques, get 15% off; Buy 51-99 plaques, get 25% off; Buy 100 or more plaques, get a whopping 40% off!

Customers choose Trophy Outlet because we always score big on satisfaction and affordable pricing. The sport of football is about teamwork, and you can rely on the Trophy Outlet team to get you exactly what you need for your next tournament, championship, league game or friendly intramural competition. A football plaque is a way to show appreciation for a game well played. Shop Trophy Outlet for the best trophies, medals, awards and plaques at great prices!