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Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) save thousands of lives each year by responding to vehicle accidents, accidents in the workplace, and a variety of other catastrophes that put lives in danger. If you need to recognize EMTs in your crew with an award for great performance, check out our EMT Oval plaque. Featuring an oval metal engraving of EMTs in action, the award is stylishly trimmed with beautiful gold paint.

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Make our beautifully engraved EMT plaque more distinctive by adding the names and other important information for the people you need to honor. In addition to letters, numbers and punctuation, the ribbon that features the information can also contain unique designs that make the award more artistically memorable than it is already. Personalizing the award is easy. Just use the simple-to-follow directions, and your engraving will be ready to go.

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EMTs play a vital role in the health outcomes of people who experience life threatening accidents. To honor the EMTs in your crew with a special service award that they can keep forever, gift them our EMT plaque with personalized engravings. We’ve been in the business of supplying trophies, plaques, and similar types of awards for over 30 years, always offering high-quality products for low prices. Order your EMT plaque today!

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