Cheerleading Plaques

Looking for a great way to commemorate the accomplishments of your favorite cheerleader? Look no further. Trophy Outlet is proud to offer cheerleader plaques that combine high quality, affordability, and all the customization options you need to find the perfect plaque to celebrate your squad. At Trophy Outlet our unique manufacturing process allow us to keep prices low without compromising quality. Our plaques demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent commemorative items at prices you can afford.

Size & Color Options

Many cheerleading plaques are either too big or too small. We eliminate sizing issues by offering a wide range of size options. From 4x6 to 10x13, with many options in between, you’re sure to find the perfect size cheerleading plaque for your athlete, squad, or school. And our wide selection of background color options and text color options allow you to create a cheerleading plaque that pays homage to the colors that represent your school.

Engraving Included

Your commemorative plaque should celebrate the accomplishments of the cheerleading squad. That’s why we include customized engraving for every plaque we make. You can add the team name, team achievements, and much more. With a wide variety of text color options you can pair the text color with the background color to better celebrate your school. Remember - engraving is included at no additional cost.

Plaque Finish

We also offer options for the plaque finish. With available solid black, black marble, and cherry finish you’re sure to find the right frame to fit your display. Whether this cheerleading plaque will end up in a school display case, a team room, or a hallway in a home—you can find the right finish for perfect placement.

Discount Rates

At Trophy Outlet, we pride ourselves in offering high quality commemorative items at affordable prices. That’s why we offer discount rates for larger orders—to pass the savings onto you. Whether you’re buying plaques for an individual, a squad, a school, or even a competition or a district we have pricing options that make high quality cheerleading plaques affordable.

Buying in bulk helps minimize the impact to your team budget while giving you high quality options. Below are our discount rates:

  • Buy 1 - 5 at regular price
  • Buy 6 - 25 and get 5% off
  • Buy 26 - 50 and get 15% off
  • Buy 51 - 99 and get 25% off
  • Buy 100 or above and get 40% off

Choose the Best, Choose Trophy Outlet

When it’s time to celebrate the cheerleading squad that represents your team and school choose the best - choose Trophy Outlet. With size options, color options, finish options, and customizable engraving included you’re sure to find the perfect cheerleading plaque to commemorate your favorite squad. Contact us today to discuss discount rates, turnaround times, and much more.