Mancala Set W/ Marbles

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Perfect for travel or home use, this compact mancala board includes everything you need to enjoy some strategic family fun anywhere. Crafted from rugged wood, this durable set is built to last. It includes gorgeous sky blue and gold “seeds” that you “sow” strategically in the board’s grooves.

Fun on the Go

This mancala game board includes a smooth hinge system so you can easily fold it for compact storage, or toss it in a backpack and bring it with you on your next adventure. You may also customize the outside of the box with your own artwork, or select the plain box option if you prefer the elegant simplicity of bare wood.

Strategic Gameplay

Mancala is an ancient game that involves careful strategic planning. There are many different types of mancala games, but most involve removing all of the marbles from one pit, and then redistributing them across the mancala game board in sequence to capture the most marbles in your “mancala,” which is the large indention on each player’s right side. This simple but highly addictive game originated in Africa, and today it has become a global phenomenon.

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Here at Trophy Outlet, we only carry high-quality products that we stand behind 100%, and this fine mancala game board is no exception. This set makes a wonderful gift for a friend, family member, loved one, or just for you! If you have any questions about this mancala set, or any of our other products, please feel free to call 866-282-0847 or email You may also reach us online directly through our contact page. Give the gift of years of entertainment with this traditional folding mancala set.

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